Sunday, June 9, 2013

June 7,2013

Polebridge Montana - a great place to get cinnamon rolls!! This town has solar panels and that is their electricity. No indoor plumbing but the cleanest outhouse I have ever seen. This is definitely a unique place and worth the trip for us to visit. And Dale ate his cinammon roll before we ever got out of town! Yum!! 

 This is just a view of the best road we traveled going through the Kootenai National Forest trying to find our way back to civilization. This road was great compared to some of what we traveled. I swear these back road miles are twice as long as a regular mile!  We were stuck in the forest for about two hours and traveled between 22 and 28 miles on these roads!!  We did see a big black bear that ran in front of the vehicle at one point so that was worth the trip.  I was sure glad though when we hit blacktop!

The country in Montana is beautiful and the weather wonderful!


  1. great pictures---glad ur having a good time

  2. Wow! I'm impressed. Wish I was there. I love that part of the country - keep the photos coming, stay safe and have a great time.