Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 11, 2013

Well, we are headed to Yellowstone today. This is beautiful country and we are ready to see more.  This is a shot or two of our RV site we are leaving behind. Also, a pic of an animal crossing that is fenced over this underpass and a sign that says "Animal Crossing."  We wondered if the animals actually realized what the sign said. We did not see any animals crossing but I guess it is there if they decide to. There were several deers in the road as we traveled that I guess were unaware of this safe way of crossing!

Then as we traveled closer to Yellowstone, we came to this steep grade going down and a sign there was a run away ramp!  I am sure glad we have good brakes AND we had our coach serviced prior to us leaving and got the tie rod bolted back on where the bolts had come out!  YIKES!  But, we made it safe and sound.


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