Friday, June 14, 2013

June 14, 2013

Well, this is full day three here in Yellowstone.  The weather here is very interesting!  Dale got up in the middle of the night to disconnect the water to be sure we did not freeze pipes!  It was supposed to get down to only 40 but it got below freezing.  This morning was beautiful even though we needed a jacket.  However, this afternoon it started raining off and on (again!) and then around 5 started sleeting, enough to have a light dusting of small ice pebbles on the ground!  THEN the sun came out and it is been fine ever since!  And we thought Oklahoma had weird weather.  NO WAY!  We have our heater on here and that sunshine at home sounds good right now.  Tomorrow is supposed to be sunshine again so that will be exciting.

I am posting below some pics we have taken over the last three days. We drove Yellowstone yesterday all day the last two days and then today drove more Yellowstone and then the Grand Tetons.  We have reached altitudes of up to a little over 9,000 and even walked on a mountain near the top.  Of course the drive to the top was not on my "list of things to do in life" and was quite a harrowing experience for me but Dale enjoyed it all the way to the top.  Once we finally got to the top I was recovering but fine and enjoyed the view tremendously!  I swear I may take up drinking if we make too many more of those kinds of trips!!

We have been scouting the countryside the last three days in hopes of spotting bear, longhorn sheep, and a wolf.  Today we finally spotted a grizzly (along with a lot of other people) that was actually swimming across the stream.  I will post a pic of him swimming and then emerging.  It was quite a show.  Now we have to find the long horn sheep and a wolf and out trip will be complete with respect to spotting wild life! 

We are having a great time and recommend Yellowstone as a place to go at least once.



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