Sunday, June 23, 2013

June 23,2013

We left Cody Friday and arrived here in Cheyenne Wyoming early Friday afternoon.  There is not really much to do in Cheyenne so we took in a movie and then antiqued some Saturday.  The ride from Cody to Cheyenne was interesting countryside.  Talk about a contrast from the mountains we came from!  Following are some pics on this drive.  There are a couple of shots of some pronghorns and I can say my observation skills (lack of!) caused me to miss out on many good shots! 

Today we leave for Hays Kansas for an overnight stay.  Hays is about a half way mark between here and home and we will meet with our friend Frank for dinner this evening.  So, unless I get some good pics or have something exciting happen between here and home, this will probably be my last post for a while.  I believe our next trips will be this fall to OU football.

Hope everyone has enjoyed traveling with us! 




 Snow fences and blocks for the harsh winter snow

 I could not resist these funny faces!


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  1. Is that a camel? Who's navigating? You may have taken a wrong turn...