Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 16,2013

Yesterday was a great day driving around again.  This time we actually saw two black bears, a coyote, a raven, and a buck elk laying under a tree taking life easy!  One bear actually had come into a park where someone was cooking dinner for their family and then when all the people started taking pictures and making noise he decided to take off down the hill and swim across the stream. Very interesting and certainly exciting! 

In spite of the sleet the evening before and the snow fall in the mountains the day turned out beautiful even though it started out quite foggy.  We are taking it easy today and will probably walk into town and cruise the shops.  There is a lot of touristy stuff to do here so it will be fun to look around and see all the things we can live without!

We head to Cody Wyoming on Tuesday so it will be then before I get on here again.  The service here is a bit sketchy and I believe it will be a lot better in Cody. 

Following are some of the pics from yesterday! 




 These foolish people think Buffalo are pets!!  Not sure what they were thinking!



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