Sunday, June 23, 2013

June 23,2013

We left Cody Friday and arrived here in Cheyenne Wyoming early Friday afternoon.  There is not really much to do in Cheyenne so we took in a movie and then antiqued some Saturday.  The ride from Cody to Cheyenne was interesting countryside.  Talk about a contrast from the mountains we came from!  Following are some pics on this drive.  There are a couple of shots of some pronghorns and I can say my observation skills (lack of!) caused me to miss out on many good shots! 

Today we leave for Hays Kansas for an overnight stay.  Hays is about a half way mark between here and home and we will meet with our friend Frank for dinner this evening.  So, unless I get some good pics or have something exciting happen between here and home, this will probably be my last post for a while.  I believe our next trips will be this fall to OU football.

Hope everyone has enjoyed traveling with us! 




 Snow fences and blocks for the harsh winter snow

 I could not resist these funny faces!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 19, 2013

We are in Cody Wyoming still and will be here until Friday morning and then will head to Cheyenne Wyoming for an overnight stop on our trek back to Grove America!  We got in yesterday in time to visit the Buffalo Bill Cody museum, which is actually 5 museums in one. The entry fee covers a span of two days so we will return on Thursday to see the three museums we missed.  We are not big museum people but this museum is great and certainly worth the time and fee to go through!  Last night we went to the Irma to visit their buffet that we have heard nothing but great reviews on.  The building they are in is the original Irma motel that was actually built by William Cody and the original bar is still there.  Very interesting.  We stayed for most of the gun fight they have nightly and then headed to the RV to wind down from the day of driving and hitting the ground running when we got here.

Today we drove again all day in the jeep by taking the Beartooth Highway and Chief Joseph Scenic Highway.  This drive was absolutely beautiful and certainly worth the heart in the throat roads!  I have decided that if I can handle this drive (at least most of the time) and survive then anyone can do it!  It was worth the trip for sure!  Unfortunately, I forgot to charge the battery for the camera and don't have a back up so lesson learned!  I missed some good shots. We did not see much wildlife but did get a shot of a chipmunk that turned out well. We did see a beaver scampering up the rocks on a hill and I thought I got two shots before the camera bit the dust but that did not happen!  We have mental pictures but that does not share well on the blog!  Sorry!  We also ran onto a mining operation that was out of operation and is reported to be the worst mining disaster in 1947 and this is what prompted changes in the mining regulations.    Then after a couple of stops at a local antique shop or two we traveled back to the RV.  (Don't worry kids we did not find anything today that will require you to wonder if we lost our mind and "what were they thinking!!")

Following are some pics from our drive here to Cody and then from our drive today.  Some of the shots on the way here and the drive today are specifically taken for Pam to appreciate!

See everyone soon!!

From West Yellowstone to Cody:

Beartooth Highway and Chief Joseph Scenic Highway:


 Note the crazy skiers on the slope!!  Getting in their last opportunity for the season!


The old mine:

Pics for Pam so she can enjoy some of the roads we were on!