Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013

Well, I wasn't going to post anything until we hit Cody Wyoming but we had quite an adventurous morning.  We left the RV this morning at 5:15 on the hunt for what we have not spotted so far, which was moose and long horn sheep. Although we did not find any we did spot another Grizzly Bear right beside the road!!  The shots we got, unfortunately, did not come out so well due to something we did to the camera, but I will be sharing some of them anyway.  It was absolutely awesome watching this bear, who did not seem to be in any hurry to get anywhere.  We got to watch him dig by some logs looking for something and then just saunter along.  We were  quite disgruntled the pics did not turn out well on him but we still got to see him.  And up close too!!

We also spotted a black bear that was quite a distance from us on a hill and there were a herd of elk near where the bear was. It was interesting to watch because there were a couple of elk that were keeping a very close eye on the bear. We think it was to be sure their herd was safe.  At least that is what it appeared.

We also got a shot of an osprey nest that was on the very top of a summit.  The only reason we knew what it was is that some guy with an unbelievably great camera lens had been there yesterday and knew right where it was. We got to look through his camera and it was so close we could have touched the mama sitting on her eggs!  Of course our lens did not capture that but we know what it is.

Then lastly we got some shots of some sizeable bull elk that were right beside the road!

Hope you enjoy our shots of Yellowstone.  Pictures cannot do it justice.



 Osprey nest




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  1. Awesome guys!! oh my what adventures you are having!!!